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Family Finds Comfort with the American Red Cross, Quad Cities

Shelter Cots
[I feel] like making a difference in someone's life is my biggest reward.

The Mississippi River water levels were reaching record heights and flooding everything in its path. One of its victims was the Minney family, whose home was flooded with over a foot of water. Terry and Judith Minney had only one hour to grab any personal possessions from their home before being evacuated.

The home of Terry and Judith had been in the family for 22 years. Terry’s first thought was “Where else can we go? There was nowhere to go,” that is when “The Red Cross put us [in a shelter] and gave us food,” replied Judith. They are both very thankful for everything the American Red Cross has provided for them. Without the assistance of the Red Cross, the Minney family would not have any place to stay during this daunting time.

In response to the flooding, the Red Cross opened two shelters to help the displaced residents of the flood. The shelter provides each family with food, clothes, hygiene products, and a bed to sleep on while maintaining high spirits. Volunteers help the family get comfortable and feel welcome. Some volunteers even come to the shelter to play with the children. “You can tell that they love what they do,” says Judith.

Each person is greeted with a comforting smile from experienced American Red Cross volunteers like the Rosemans. Jim and Nancy Roseman, collectively, have 14 years of volunteer experience under their belt, including four national disasters. The couple is motivated by the thought of helping others. They feel rewarded by what they do “[I feel] like making a difference in someone’s life is my biggest reward,” says Nancy. Both Jim and Nancy enjoy spending their time helping out as much as they can.

Terry and Judith appreciate everything the American Red Cross has done for their family. “They gave us food and [supplies], we are very grateful for that,” says Terry.