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Spencer resident wins Red Cross National Preparedness contest

Spencer resident wins Red Cross National Preparedness contest

Photo Courtesy: Spencer Daily Reporter

Not only has she made her home more safe but took her knowledge to work and school as well.

Megan Lange has never won anything. That is, until now.

Megan, an early childhood education student at Iowa Lakes Community College and foster mom, just won a brand new Apple iPad from the American Red Cross. And she did it, simply by being prepared.

Megan was one of hundreds of people who shared their preparedness plans with the Red Cross at the Clay County fair in Northwest Iowa. Megan and others in a Red Cross National Preparedness contest for a chance to win a new iPad.

Megan may understand the importance of having fire escape plans for each room in her house better than most. A few years ago, the apartment building she was living in went up in smoke. As Megan watched her home burn, Red Cross disaster workers arrived on scene to provide comfort and help with the immediate needs for residents.

Megan remembered, “The whole thing felt unreal,” she said. “But, the Red Cross volunteer was awesome! He made sure we were ok and that we didn’t need anything.” Megan was one of the “lucky” ones that day. She could stay with friends, but she was grateful to the Red Cross disaster workers who gave her a comfort kit and a warm smile.

While Megan thinks fondly of the Red Cross, when she learned at school that someone with the organization was trying to track her down, she was confused. That’s because when she entered the iPad contest at the fair the only contact information she left was her name and that she lived in Spencer. “I thought to myself, I’m never going to win so what’s the point,” she said. Megan did not include a phone number, address or an email address on her entry. Iowa Great Lakes Chapter Resource Officer Bob Kirschbaum accepted the job of tracking her down. “I was really excited that someone from our area won the contest,” Bob said. “Our volunteers and staff put a lot of energy into preparedness, especially during the Clay County Fair, the biggest county fair in the country!” Fortunately, Bob was able to find Megan through connections at Iowa Lakes Community College.

“Megan impressed me with the action she has taken with the information she received,” Bob said. “Not only has she made her home more safe but took her knowledge to work and school as well.”

For Megan, all of this could not have come at a better time. Her home computer had just crashed. “I never win anything,” Megan said. “But, I was even more excited because I won something that I know will help me get through school!”