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Why I Help: Dennis Kellar

Red Cross Iowa Why I Help Dennis Kellar
It is great providing a service which contributes to the overall welfare of our community

After Dennis Kellar retired he was searching for a way to become more involved in his community. One of Kellar’s close friends, Bill Kees, suggested he look into volunteering at the American Red Cross. Kees, along with other members of Kellar’s community, volunteer for the Red Cross and thought it was something he might enjoy. Kees said “Dennis is the type of person who has a lot of integrity, a stick to it attitude, and a desire to do a job right. I knew that the Red Cross would be a perfect fit for him.” Kees brought all the information to Kellar that he needed to know about to become a volunteer, and then continued to follow up with the Red Cross to make sure Kellar could get started right away. “He could have volunteered anywhere and I wanted to make sure we had him as a part of the Red Cross” Kees said.

Keller first started out volunteering in Disaster Cycle Services. They were in need of someone who could put together a Disaster Resource Book for the Central Iowa Territory. A Disaster Resource Book is a very valuable tool during a disaster response because it outlines, by county, what other resources are available to people. That helps speed up disaster response, and provides help more quickly to affected communities.

Kellar continues to put in effort updating and adding to each county’s resource book. He also dedicates a lot of time to other areas, such as Volunteer Services. Recently he helped set up Volunteer Connection for the Iowa Region. “A year ago we were not nearly using Volunteer Connection to the capacity we could have been,” said Julie Struck, Regional Volunteer Coordinator. “Dennis has now not only taken it to the place we should be at using it, but gone far beyond that. He has persevered through all the challenges of figuring out how to use it, and is very patient and thoughtful in all the work that he does for us. Dennis has definitely been a critical component to our organization. ”

Kellar says his favorite part of being involved with the Red Cross is the relationships he has built with his fellow volunteers. “Getting out every day and working with other like-minded people is very rewarding for me, having a good time but taking the assignments very seriously, “ He said. “ It is great providing a service which contributes to the overall welfare of our community.”