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Red Cross Prepares More Than 3,000 Students for Emergencies

Red Cross Elkhart County Action Steps
...They complete the day feeling successful and secure in the knowledge that they are ready to face emergency situations better prepared.

It’s been another successful year for the Basic Aid Training (BAT) program in Elkhart and LaGrange counties. This year, Judy Christophel, aka “The BAT Lady” and her team were in 30 of the 33 public schools in Elkhart County. They also trained two home school groups, bringing the total number of Elkhart County fourth- graders reached through the program to 2,633.

BAT was presented to 450 fourth graders in the seven public elementary schools in LaGrange County as well.

The Red Cross knows the program is having an impact. For example, two years ago, two former BAT students saved the lives of family members using their first-aid training. A boy used rescue breaths to save the life of his great-grandmother and a girl saved her brother from choking using the Heimlich maneuver.

Christophel routinely receives thank you letters from students after training. “These success stories and thank you letters are what make teaching this program worthwhile,” Christophel says.

Click Here to read a recent thank you letter sent from Millersburg Elementary School.