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Pet First Aid – When Fido or Flossy Need Help

Download the Red Cross Pet First Aid App!
The Pet First Aid App gives comprehensive information and tips on a wide variety of pet-related issues

Dino Ingram is a Red Cross volunteer and contributing writer.

Class, your test will begin in a moment? Take your seats and close your books. Take out your pencils, and no talking please. Here are your questions. The grading will be done on a curve, so do your best.

How many breaths should you dog be taking per minute? Do you know how to find your cat’s heart rate? What is the range for a puppy’s pulse rate? What is a cat’s normal heart rate supposed to be? Should you let your dog ride in the front seat of your car? How can you know if your pet is having trouble breathing? How do you remove a stinger? What should you do if your pet is having an allergic reaction?

Pencils down! Exchange papers with you neighbor. We’re going to review some of the answers at this time. Please pay attention.

Your dog should be taking ten to thirty breaths per minute. Your cat’s heart rate can be found by putting your hand on her left side at the spot where the left elbow touches the chest. A puppy’s pulse rate should be between one-hundred-twenty and one-hundred-sixty beats per minute. A cat’s normal heart rate should be between one-hundred-sixty and two-hundred-twenty beats per minute.

If you didn’t do well on the test, that’s okay. You can find the answers to the rest of these questions in the new Red Cross smart phone app entitled Pet First Aid. This latest application from the Red Cross is a compendium of information on dogs and cats, giving you comprehensive information and tips on a wide variety of pet-related issues. The app will help you in handling many urgent and emergency situations with your pet, whether you need quick information on bleeding, burns, poisoning, CPR and electric shock, the information is there for you. And those are only a few of the categories present in this handy app. Actually, there are more than twenty categories for each species. And, quite honestly, there is more information packed in to this app than could possibly be covered in a single article. In addition to medical tips, you also get travel and winter tips for you pets, and guidelines to help you determine what is ‘normal’ where your pet& rsquo;s behavior is concerned.

The app is brand new and now available in the Apple and Google Play stores. Whether you’ve got an iPhone, iPad, Android smart phone or tablet, the Red Cross has you and your pet covered.


This application gives you great information across multiple subjects where your dog or cat is concerned. But, it isn’t designed to replace your veterinarian. A trusted veterinarian is always your best source to address issues with your pet.