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Safety Tips for Driving in Dust Storms

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It can make conditions very unsafe for drivers.

Walls of moving dust that appear miles high and miles wide have become a common sight during Arizona’s summer months. Drought conditions have contributed to more frequent and larger dust storms that leave inches of dust on our homes and vehicles creating dangerous situations for motorists traveling on the road.

It can make conditions very unsafe for drivers. The American Red Cross Arizona New Mexico El Paso Region has got a list of a few helpful driving tips provided by the Arizona Department of Transportation.


Guidelines for Traveling in Dust Storms:


·         Never stop in the travel lane

·         Travel at a speed suitable for limited visibility

·         If you can’t pull off the road, turn your lights on

·         Sound your horn intermittently

·         Use the painted lane striping to guide you

·         If possible, look for a safe place to pull off of  the road!

If you do pull off the road, observe the following safety tips:

·         Set your emergency brake

·         Take your foot off the brake pedal

·         Turn off all vehicle lights

·         Wait out the storm

If you are not traveling when you hear a dust storm warning but are planning to, please wait out the storm, and stay off the road until the storm passes.