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Making New Friends in the Face of Disaster

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They have made plans to continue this friendship once they've returned to their homes

Rosemary and David Brookins, married for 58 years, from the outskirts of Lower Lake, have been evacuated from their home a total of four times due to the wildfires.  The most recent of these evacuations as a result of the Rocky Fire, when the sheriff’s deputy came by late afternoon on July 29th and told them they had to leave immediately.  They left in a hurry with just a few prized possessions. First, they went to the Highlands Senior Service Center and, from there, to the American Red Cross shelter at Middletown High School where they remained until the mandatory evacuation orders were lifted 10 days later.

When asked about their experience in the Red Cross shelter thus far, Rosemary cheerfully announced her excitement at having finally met her new neighbors who also had been staying in the shelter since Friday, July 31st. 

The family moved in next door to Rosemary and David's house several weeks ago, and with tending their "organic garden in the morning when it's cool" and the high temperatures in the afternoon exasperating their exhaustion, the Brookins had simply not had the opportunity to pay an introductory visit.  The two families have been getting to know each other and have made plans to continue this friendship once they've returned to their homes.

Rosemary is grateful for everyone's kindness and for the opportunity to make new friendships in the face of this disaster.