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Why I Volunteer

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"Red Cross allows me the opportunity to listen"


I am a career parent, which is to say the last 20 years, of my 40 on earth, have been spent pouring the best parts of myself into 4 wonderful humans.  While the first of the 4 developed her wings and left for college. I was realizing the magnitude of being transplanted from one thing to another. For half my life I have given. Time. Care. Hugs. Compassion. Kindness. Patience. As one by one my children will surely fly the coop. Even surer, is my capacity to give.


 As a public affairs volunteer, Red Cross allows me the opportunity to listen. In every story I tell, I find my own.  In relating the details, I find the courage and heart each individual, or volunteer possess. I add it to my own heart. Volunteering at Red Cross ,maybe volunteering for a stranger, or your neighbor, but it is also volunteering for myself. Red cross needs volunteers to pour life into humanity. Volunteers, like me, need Red Cross to pour meaning into the words I write; or heart into the photos I capture. It builds a bridge over the gap the changes in my own life have created. It allows me to witness first hand the best parts of humanity.  It also connects me to other people who share the same idea; that giving of yourself with time, resource or compassion fills spaces that expand on who we are.  It allows me to give to something larger than myself, while developing new friendships and bonds.



 Red Cross allows us the platform in which to reflect a little bit of ourselves to those who need it. Sometimes it’s your neighbor, sometimes a stranger. Be a mirror. With a smile. A hug. A meal. Your time. With the Red Cross.  Red Cross can help you serve those in your community, show you an opportunity to give.