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Meet Deb

“It’s like a small family,” said Roman. “Everyone is driven to the mission.”

Deborah Roman, Development Specialist for the North Florida Region, has worked for the Red Cross for more than four years. Prior to joining the Red Cross, she admired the work being done and how its services are always there, despite the time of the day.

Over the course of her time working for the Red Cross, she found that the individuals beside her, employees and volunteers alike, are what makes this organization successful in achieving its mission to serve communities.

“It’s like a small family,” said Roman. “Everyone is driven to the mission.”

She stated that the entire workforce is focused to assisting those in need. Whether it is through our home fire campaign, services to the armed forces, disaster response or classes being taught, employees and volunteers are concentrated to delivering a premium service to the community. Although, it is the family-oriented relationship with Red Cross personnel that attains the quality and variety of services.

“Everyone genuinely cares about each other,” said Roman.

This is what makes the Red Cross successful in its mission, according to Roman. Each level of the workforce finds genuine satisfaction in the work they do, which facilitates an environment of familiarity and promotes kinship amongst everyone. The strong bond between the Red Cross workforce also helps provide a successful effort in the face of a large-scale disaster.

Disasters that affect communities on a large scale require communication and coordination across regions, states and institutions. Roman assists the fundraising effort, but she has never been deployed because she is in charge of the fundraising effort for the region.

When large disasters devastate anywhere in the country, Roman coordinates fundraising efforts to make sure vital support makes it to the people who need it most. She helps with phone banks at local television stations staffed by the devoted volunteers in the Red Cross family. 

The Red Cross is successful because of the environment it cultivates across all levels of the organization, and it because of employees like Roman and volunteers across the nation that it continues to help those suffering.