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Georgia's Red Cross Remembers Katrina's Impact


This is a time to remember the unthinkable can happen…We need to do everything we can to ensure our families and communities are ready when disasters strike. 

Ten years ago, Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast and drove millions of people from their homes and communities.Tens of thousands sought refuge in Georgia and the Red Cross launched the largest disaster relief operation in state history.


With the support of generous donors, 16,000 heroic volunteers and dedicated community partners, the Red Cross coordinated Hurricane Katrina relief efforts in Georgia from its metro Atlanta headquarters. Working with chapters across the state, we provided safe lodging for more than 3,100 evacuees in 22 shelters, transitional housing for more than 20,000 people, more than 400,000 meals and snacks, and $44.4 million in financial assistance to 43,000 families.


Along with our successes, we faced local and national challenges due to the size and scope of the response. As a result, the American Red Cross redefined almost every aspect of its disaster relief program and used what it learned to prepare for future responses. Warehouse space tripled with enough stockpiled supplies to serve one million meals and shelter 500,000 people a day. One million client assistance cards are stocked to provide financial assistance more quickly. Improved technology increases our ability to communicate, handle online casework and expand call center volume. In addition, more trained volunteers and stronger community partnerships have grown our capacity to respond.

Ongoing Support

A decade later, Georgia’s Red Cross continues to plan with our partners for future catastrophes – natural, biological and manmade. We’re hard at work each day, training people in life-saving skills, preparing families for disasters and growing our capacity to respond. The 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina is a time to pause and remember all those who suffered so much. It’s also a time to thank the many Georgians who opened their hearts to help through the American Red Cross. Thank you for the work you make possible with your ongoing support!

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