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Gold Country Region Disaster Responders Help Flooding Victims in South

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"Our volunteers will continue to provide help and hope to those recovering from these floods."

April 1, 2016, Sacramento (CA) – As we begin April, it’s been a little over 3 weeks since torrential rains hammered Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas relentlessly for a week causing horrific flooding and breaking records that have stood since the late 1800s.  So severe was the flooding that some areas have only become accessible in the last few days, which means we’re still sheltering evacuees and conducting damage assessments on the first day of April for storms that began in the first full week of March—that’s highly unusual, to say the least.

Notwithstanding two Presidential disaster declarations, the national media paid little attention to these disasters and have long since moved on, so you might think there’s not much of a story here.  But there is. As best we can tell as of last night, these storms and floods destroyed or caused major damage to 9,208 homes in 3 States. Imagine how just one family might struggle if they were barely getting by before these storms only to have their home destroyed by a massive flood.  Now, multiply that by 9,000.

Gold Country Region disaster responders are currently providing disaster relief and recovery assistance in the hardest hit areas of those states.

The volunteers and staff members, who live in cities throughout Northern California, have been assigned to work for a two-week period in a variety of roles helping disaster victims. The Red Cross has opened 89 shelters which supported 6,586 overnight stays, served nearly 305,000 meals and snacks, and distributed 124,439 relief items including comfort kits and cleaning supplies.

Thank you to the following responders who have traveled across the country to help those who have lost so much:

1.       Frederick Aw

2.       Darren Courtney

3.       Pat Day

4.       Elizabeth English              

5.       Dana Epstein

6.       Kathleen Griffith

7.       Bob Grosch

8.       Terri Hartner

9.       Kevin Hedahl

10.   Rose Marie Laraby

11.   Al Lee

12.   Dennis Lewis

13.   Kathy Massar    

14.   Lau Miller

15.   Jeremiah Norrell             

16.   Kathy Pascoe

17.   Jim Piper

18.   Colleen Ranalli

19.   Michael Reeves

20.   Colleen Turay

21.   Bill Waits

22.   Paula Watts-White

23.   Kevin West

24.   Richard Yoder

25.   Christine Yoo

“The Red Cross response is just beginning,” said Gary Strong, CEO, Red Cross Gold Country Region. “Our volunteers will continue to provide help and hope to those people who are recovering from this disaster.”


The Red Cross depends on the continued support of the public to help people affected by this disaster and other emergencies big and small. Those who would like to help people affected by disasters like flooding and countless other crises can make a donation to Red Cross Disaster Relief. People can donate by visiting, calling 1-800-RED CROSS or texting the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation. These donations enable the Red Cross to prepare for, respond to and help people recover from disasters big and small.