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Red Cross Looking for Local Disaster Volunteers

Calaveras, CA – 4 January 2013— The American Red Cross is looking for local disaster volunteers.  Having access to trained Disaster Action Team (DAT) local members is critical to the response of area emergency responders during a major disaster in Calaveras or a disaster affecting a single family.

Thanks to many dedicated Calaveras County volunteers, the Red Cross is able to immediately respond to the immediate needs of Calaveras families affected by home fires, floods, wildfires and other disasters throughout the year in the Fire Protection Districts of West Point, San Andreas, CalCo (Jenny Lind/Foothill) and Central Calaveras.

But the Red Cross needs to increase their volunteer base in Calaveras County so that it can continue to respond immediately to disasters of all sizes in this rural county and help people get back on their feet as soon as possible.

Red Cross Disaster Service Volunteers need to complete 18 hours of training which includes a team orientation in the Fire District they reside in. This training will be held at the following times. A potluck lunch will be served during the all-day training.

Murphys: Contact John Adams at (209) 728-9432
Location of Instruction: Murphys Fire, 37 Jones Street, Murphys
22 January 6:00PM to 7:30PM Intro Red Cross Courses (Prerequisite)
26 January 9:00A to 5:00PM Shelter Operations/Client Casework
31 January 6:00P to 7:30PM DAT Orientation/Forms review

Mokelumne Hill: Contact Pauli Greer 286-1389 or Moke Hill Fire at 286-1389
Location of Instruction: Moke Hill Fire 8160 Church St, Moke Hill
5 February 6:00P to 7:30 PM Intro Red Cross Courses (prerequisite)
16 February 9:00A to 5:00PM Shelter Operations/Client Casework
19 February 6:00P to 7:30PM DAT Orientation/Forms review

Copperopolis: Contact Copperopolis Fire at 785-2393
Location of Instruction: Copperopolis Fire 370 Main St, Copperopolis
5 March 6:00P to 7:30PM Intro Red Cross Courses (Prerequisite)
16 March 9:00A to 5:00P Shelter Operations/Client Casework
19 March 6:00P to 7:30PM DAT Orientation/Forms review

There is no charge for the training, but advanced registration is required. If you would like to be a part of the Disaster Action Team in your Fire Protection District providing food, clothing, and shelter to your neighbors affected by any disaster, please call Dennis Lewis at (209) 712-3120 or email