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Veterans, we couldn't do it without you

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As our country pauses this week to honor our nation’s veterans and their families, we here at the American Red Cross of Montana and Idaho also would like to take a moment to recognize our many military veterans who also serve as dedicated Red Cross volunteers. Without your commitment to this organization, we would be unable to deliver critical services to the people who count on us most.

Our veterans work tirelessly, providing comfort to those in a hurricane’s path or a hug to a family who just lost their home to fire. They help us open wildfire shelters in Montana and deliver life-saving blood in Idaho. They also offer support to other veterans like themselves, through the many programs made available thanks to our Service to the Armed Forces network. 

During the past year, we provided services to 256 military families in Montana and another 365 families in Idaho, much of that work made possible by veterans who answered the call, this time as American Red Cross volunteers.

The Red Cross is an organization born on the battlefield, and we cannot thank our veterans enough for all that they’ve done, and all they continue to do, to serve our country and our communities. Each and every day they truly make a difference.

We simply couldn’t do it without you, and we offer our sincerest gratitude to you and your families this Veterans Day weekend.