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Marshalltown Man Grateful for Help from Red Cross

Fire Safety
"She [the Red Cross volunteer] asked us what our situation was like and what they could do to help."

Mike Evertsen was at the veterinarian on March 15, 2016, when his Marshalltown, Iowa house caught fire. When he arrived home, he found the house engulfed in flames.

Firefighters from four different fire departments; State Center, Clemons, New Providence and Union responded to help. At one point, Evertsen said there were more than 20 firefighters working to put the flames out, but sadly the fire destroyed his home.

"We lost everything," Evertsen said . "All we had were the clothes on our backs."

An American Red Cross volunteer met them at the home to see what could be done to help.

"It was incredible," Evertsen said. "She [the Red Cross volunteer] asked us what our situation was like and what they could do to help."

Evertsen and his wife stayed with their son until they could get back on their feet. He said the Red Cross offered financial assistance to help them get by for the next few days.

"She made it clear that they [the Red Cross] could help," he said.

The Evertsens eventually moved into a new home and are learning from their experience moving forward.

"There are two things everyone needs to know," Evertsen said. "Make sure you have good insurance and take pictures of everything you own."