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Giving Back – Helping Others

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She doesn’t know exactly what the future holds for her.

Aubrey Archer, 18, left home after graduating from high school in her small town of Narrows, Va., to join the AmeriCorps FEMA Corps. A month later, she found herself in Louisiana as part of the AmeriCorps FEMA Corps to aid residents after flooding devastated the state. Archer particularly enjoys spending time with the children in the American Red Cross shelters.

Archer’s face lights up when she talks about the various kids she has formed bonds with. Walking through the shelter, several of her young friends run up, give her hugs and latch on like they won’t let go. Though Archer is glad to see families transition out of shelters, it is bittersweet since she truly cares for the children.

When she finishes her service with AmeriCorps in April, Archer plans to attend college. She doesn’t know exactly what the future holds for her, she does know she wants to give back by serving in a non-profit and hopefully continue working with kids.