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Over-the-Moon and Back to the River Center Shelter

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It was easy to see that the kids were ‘over-the-moon’ about their interactive rocket demonstration.

During a disaster, children are often left confused about the situation surrounding them. Sometimes, those feelings can be amplified by having to stay at an emergency relief shelter—especially for an extended amount of time. The American Red Cross constantly works with their partners to make sure children have a place where they can have some kind of normalcy and entertainment. 

At the River Center relief shelter, near downtown Baton Rouge, children were visited by two NASA astronauts. Dr. Epps and Commander Glover, two future residents of the International Space Station, stopped by with a team of NASA scientists to put on an interactive presentation for the kids. 

One of the activities involved children creating and designing their very own homemade ‘rocket.’  Cardboard cylinders, construction paper and stickers rounded out the materials used to create their NASA vessels. A launchpad made of PVC pipes were all that was needed to propel these ships to space (i.e., 10-25 feet in the air). 

It was easy to see that the kids were ‘over-the-moon’ about their interactive rocket demonstration led by the two astronauts. Coordinated by the American Red Cross, NVision Solutions, and Save the Children, these activities—and meeting two real-life NASA Astronauts—brought a lot of smiles to children who may not have had a lot to smile about in the last few weeks.