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The Red Cross Receives Help From Denham Springs Angels

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Just seeing you folks out here trying to help us makes me feel so thankful.

A team of Red Cross volunteers ran into trouble when their emergency response vehicle (ERV) got stuck en route to deliver hot meals to a Denham Springs neighborhood. Their mission further plunged into peril when they learned it would be 90 minutes before a tow truck could reach them. Then, two heroes arrived. 

Ricky and Dean Stewart, a father and son team who lost their business during the recent flooding, Quick Lube and Oil on River Road, saw the trapped Red Cross vehicle and decided to lend a hand. 

“Yes, we lost our business, but we saw you folks in trouble and we felt we needed to help,” explained Ricky.  Ricky and Dean hooked up a tow chain between their heavy-duty truck and the ERV – five minutes later the Red Cross team was ready to carry on with their mission.

“You know, my family and I are safe.  We’ve lost our business, and our home is damaged, but we’re alive and safe.  Just seeing you folks out here trying to help us makes me feel so thankful.  Lending the Red Cross a little help is the least we could do,” added Ricky.

Ricky and Dean graciously accepted a couple of hot meals and water.  In addition, Ricky was awarded the Baton Rouge chapter Red Cross pin and made an honorary Red Cross volunteer.


Photo by Michele Maki: Denham Springs Heroes Dean and Ricky Stewart gratefully receive a hot meal from Red Cross Volunteer John Tarrol.