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Think Positively

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Our lives after this disaster won’t be easy.

Moving forward after a disaster is never easy. Louis Reisner, 43, of Southern Louisiana knows the tough journey ahead, but he vows that this disaster won’t break his spirit or attitude. 

Louis is the epitome of a ‘think-positive’ person. He lost his leg in an accident in Oklahoma, but never let that faze him.

“I’m an independent person. If I can do it myself, I’ll do it,” said Louis. “I’m not one to ask for help.”

Even in the wake of one of the worst disasters to hit this nation, Louis never dropped his positive attitude. Most people would be frustrated after spending over week in a disaster-relief shelter. Not Louis.

 “I’ve had a really great experience here at this shelter," he explained. "The staff has been incredible and I’ve made friends with a lot of the other people staying here. We play games, like dominoes or cards.”

In full disclosure, Louis did hint at some times that are worse than others. Louis explained some frustration by saying, “If we play dominoes, it seems that everyone else wins but me. And I know how to play dominoes!”

He added, “Cards are a different story. I’m good at cards and I can win at that.”  

In all seriousness, Louis knows that the road ahead won’t be an easy one. In addition to praising the relief shelter's cleanliness and the attentiveness of the staff, he also appreciates everyone’s shared struggle—residents and Red Cross alike. 

“The job the Red Cross is doing is not an easy one. Our lives after this disaster won’t be easy either,” said Louis. “The hurdles we both have to overcome bind us together and that is what makes this nation great.”  

Louis is so appreciative of the Red Cross shelter workers and overall response to the flooding disaster in Louisiana, he is strongly considering becoming a Red Cross volunteer. His positive attitude and great personality makes him a perfect fit for the countless other volunteers who share the same sentiments.