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When The Need Kicks In, So Do We

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I couldn’t be more proud of the love and compassion from folks here.

“When the need kicks in, so do we.” Pastor Louis Husser from Crossgate Church in Robert, Louisiana has an army of open hearted volunteers in his congregation who do, indeed, kick in when the need arises.  Between Thursday, August 11 and Sunday, August 14, more than 20 inches of rain besieged the congregation and surrounding communities.   

“We were hit last spring with flooding, so we made some structural changes here,” says Husser. “We still were hit with about a foot of water that rushed in. But it’s the community we’re concerned about. We’ll repair the church, but these folks can’t wait.”

In the community church building, damage can be seen. Drywall has had to be ripped out, but those repairs can wait. There is a line forming of families and individuals seeking assistance. All are met with open arms and warm hearts as the dozens upon dozens of volunteers from this church community assess the needs of each individual.

It matters not if they are members of the pastor’s congregation.

“We treat others as we want to be treated – just as our Lord has taught us,” explained Husser.  “I’ve been doing this for over 35 years, and I couldn’t be more proud of the love and compassion from folks here. Last Saturday we served the needs of over 100 folks. ”

The pastor pauses, takes off his hat, and gazes out the window. He remains thoughtful for a moment and continues, his voice dropping to a near whisper, “ We will get through this.  He, [looking up] is our commander-in-chief. We will get through this.”

A supply truck from the American Red Cross has pulled up and over 100 cleaning kits are unloaded to assist in the relief effort. Husser waves his volunteers over and they help unload and organize the kits.

“Thank you to the Red Cross,” he says to the volunteers.  “These folks really need these supplies.  You folks have been wonderful. This is what partnership is all about –we can get this done!”

Indeed, Husser and the volunteers at Crossgate Church are making a difference. The need was identified and they all kicked in.