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4th Annual Women of Inspiration Lunch Brings Together Extraordinary Women for a Great Mission

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Tiffany Circle members follow in the footsteps of a long line of women leaders...

In early June, the Red Cross of Massachusetts hosted its 4th Annual Tiffany Circle Women of Inspiration Luncheon at the Ritz Carlton, Boston Common.  More than 60 women, and a few men, gathered to learn about the Red Cross mission, hear inspiring stories by other guests and welcome the newest members of the Tiffany Circle. This special event celebrates the generosity of American Red Cross Tiffany Circle members in Massachusetts, while sharing the vital mission of the American Red Cross with women seeking to change lives and strengthen communities through the gifts of their time, talent and treasure.

The American Red Cross Tiffany Circle is a society of women leaders and philanthropists who contribute a minimum annual gift of $10,000 to the Red Cross. Tiffany Circle members follow in the footsteps of a long line of women leaders who have helped the Red Cross serve the American public through times of war and peace with disaster assistance, blood collection, safety training, and countless other community assistance services.  Nationally, the Tiffany Circle has raised more than $60M to support Red Cross programs and services since its inception.  There are more than 800 Tiffany Circle members across the country, with 24 members here in Massachusetts.

The luncheon was opened by Robin Redfield, Founding Chair of the Tiffany Circle in Massachusetts; she is also a Board Member for the Region, followed by Red Cross of Massachusetts CEO Ralph Boyd.

Sharon Curry, an Associate with the Red Cross Food Pantry, shared the first of three Red Cross Mission Moments by describing her incredibly personal story of how the pantry has helped shape her life. 

Vanessa O’Brien, an accomplished mountain climber who has climbed the highest mountain peak on each continent, shared her personal connection to Nepal and the how tragic the recent Earthquake has been. She expressed gratitude for the Red Cross efforts to assist there. Vanessa will be attempting to Summit K2 this summer and will bring a Red Cross flag to plant should she reach the top.  

Lastly, Laura Lux, a nurse and member of the Boston Marathon team, Team Red Cross, told her powerful and emotional story about running as part of the Red Cross team in honor of her patient who was severely injured in the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing. Everyone in the room appreciated Laura’s poise and courage to share her experience and there was not a dry eye in the room when she was done.

The keynote speech was given by Katie Incantalupo, a Bonnie McElveen-Hunter Founding Member of the Tiffany Circle with the Minneapolis/ Saint Paul Chapter and member of the Tiffany Circle National Council. Katie inspired guests with powerful examples of multigenerational giving and ways to be an influencer for the Red Cross.

Susan Black, a first year Tiffany Circle member and long-time Red Cross supporter, also shared her personal story to end the lunch. Susan’s son was held captive in Iraq in 2003, and the Red Cross played a role in letting Susan and her family members know where he was and ultimately contributed to his release. 

The event was emceed by Valerie Navy-Daniels Chief Regional Development Officer for the Massachusetts Region. 

For information about the American Red Cross Tiffany Circle and how you can become a member, please contact Nicole Marcotte, Major Gift Officer, at 617-274-5243 or