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Be A Hero

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The American Red Cross reflects the best of our Nation's spirit

Keeping with the tradition established by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1943, President Barack Obama has proclaimed March 2016 to be “Red Cross Month.” 

“Today, supporters, volunteers, and employees of the American Red Cross reflect the best of our Nation's spirit -- responding to tens of thousands of tragedies here at home each year and bringing relief and assistance to suffering individuals across the globe. In the last year, countless people from the American Red Cross and many other service organizations have served on the front lines of disaster and done the hard work of improving our country and our world, never asking for credit or glory, fame or fortune. From floods that ravaged the plains of the Midwest and the coastlines of South Carolina, to wildfires that scorched California, and an earthquake that devastated Nepal, the American Red Cross has distributed almost one million relief items and provided tens of millions of dollars in assistance to victims.  These selfless heroes inspire hope and offer help to those in need, and as stalwarts in our communities, they build individual resilience and safeguard our blood supply.”
Read full proclamation here

During this month we would like to recognize and thank the countless volunteers who, through their selfless acts of volunteerism, donate life-saving blood, provide shelter, donate funds, teach life-saving classes, provide 24/7 support to members of our military, and so much more. 

Every eight minutes Red Cross volunteers deliver hope and help to those in need.    The demand for time, talent, and resources is great and on-going.

March is a great time to get involved with the Red Cross.  Whether it’s helping disaster victims, donating blood to a hospital patient, brightening the day of an injured service member, or taking a lifesaving CPR class, the Red Cross offers many opportunities for you to unlock your inner hero.