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Cape Board Member Assumes Command At Otis ANGB

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I would recommend the military to any young woman who was looking to make a career choice

The American Red Cross would like to congratulate Ginger Doonan, board member of the American Red Cross Cape and Islands and Southeast Massachusetts Chapter, as she assumes command of the 102nd Intelligence Wing at Otis Air National Guard Base.

The ceremony took place inside a large hangar at the base, which is located near Mashpee, Mass. Her children, parents and other family members were there to cheer her on and watch Doonan take charge of 1,300 military and civilian staff.

Doonan is the first female commander of the 102nd Intelligence Wing and cites the military as a place where women can succeed, where leadership is based on who is the most qualified and not based on gender. In an interview before the ceremony Doonan expressed these sentiments clearly.

“You get paid by your rank. There is no gender gap in pay. Everyone receives the same type of pay and receives the same type of opportunities. I would recommend the military to any young woman who was looking to make a career choice,” said Doonan.

In her 27-year career, Doonan has risen through the ranks as well as earning a bachelor's degree in aerospace science and technology, and a master's in education. Doonan also has a degree in Homeland Security from Harvard. Her career with the military has given her the opportunities she needed to succeed.

“I was just finishing up high school and really didn’t have a good way to get to college financially," said Doonan. "I always expected after four years to come back to family in Houston, but I fell in love with the military.” Doonan's steady ascension through the ranks and her many recognitions in her career are a testament to her own hard work and dedication.

Colonel Ginger Doonan is a graduate of the Academy of Military Science, served in several operations overseas, and is a past president of the National Guard Association of Massachusetts. Besides the Red Cross, Doonan is also a board member of the Cape Cod Community College Center for Graduate Education. She lives with her two children, Colleen and Peter, who were there to cheer her on at her promotion ceremony.

Congratulations again to Ginger Doonan, an extraordinary member of the Red Cross family and a dedicated American.