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The American Red Cross of Massachusetts’ Food Pantry

Red Cross MASS - Food Pantry
Sharon truly does change lives with her compassion.

Food Pantry Associate at the Red Cross of Massachusetts Food & Nutrition Programs, Sharon Curry, has an incredible story. Sharon was a school teacher for the Boston Public Schools during a time of layoffs. When she was let go it was Christmas time and she had no money to feed her family, let alone buy her children presents. She could not get food stamps, apply for aid or receive unemployment until the holidays were through.

A friend of Sharon’s mentioned that she should visit the Red Cross Boston Food Pantry for assistance. When she went she was blown away by the amount of food they gave her. Her family received a whole chicken, salmon, turkeys, vegetables, fruits, bread, deserts, toys, clothes, and shoes for her children.

Sharon was so moved by the generosity of the Red Cross that she volunteered at the Boston Food Pantry for one year because she felt that she should give back. After a year of being dependent on public assistance with no job and volunteering much of her free time to the Boston Food Pantry, a part-time position became available with the Red Cross. Sharon has been working for the Red Cross Boston Food Pantry for 11 years and she still sees herself in the guests who come through the pantry line.

Sharon creates an atmosphere that people love being a part of. The volunteers enjoy working at the food pantry so much because Sharon spreads love and joy. She is always inspiring others to help people in need. The Red Cross is fortunate to have such an irreplaceable and dedicated employee. Sharon truly does change lives with her compassion.

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