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Give back on Red Cross Giving Day to #Help1Family

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Every eight minutes, the American Red Cross responds to a disaster. Look at the clock right now and countdown: in eight minutes the Red Cross will deploy to another disaster somewhere in this nation and provide relief for victims who are in desperate need. 

A disaster response every eight minutes means that every year across the country the Red Cross deploys to nearly 66,000 disasters – the vast majority of these are home fires – where a family has lost everything: the roof over their heads, their clothes, and their most cherished possessions.

On April 21, we ask you to support Red Cross Giving Day. On this day, we ask you to make a real difference in the lives of those who need shelter, food and other essentials after disaster strikes. On this day we ask you, and your family and friends, to support the Red Cross and its work helping people in need.

Red Cross Giving Day also serves as a reminder that everyone can #Help1Family. We ask that people join the Red Cross in its commitment to giving aid to people during their darkest hours, when they need it most. 

Take a look at how easy this can be:

• Just $30 can deliver warm blankets to families, providing them with comfort for a good night’s sleep

• $88.50 can provide a family with an entire day’s worth of food, blankets, and other necessary essentials

• $335 can deploy an emergency response vehicle for an entire day – giving urgent food, water, and critical relief to communities in need

Watch our video of supporters – just like you – helping people in need.

Your support on Giving Day will help tremendously during the critical first few days after a disaster. You can make a difference. Donate at or simply text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.