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Red Cross Youth Ambassador Makes First Blood Donation

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"People really do need (blood). It seriously saves peoples lives."

Blood donors save lives every day. Some of those donors have been giving for decades, while others are just starting.

Stephanie Poulos, a Red Cross Youth Ambassador in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, has been around blood drives for many years. She volunteered to help check people in and sign them up to donate. But the time has finally come for her turn to roll up a sleeve herself and donate herself.

Poulos, 19, made the first of what she hopes is many blood donations in Sioux Falls this summer.

“It was really exciting for me because I have wanted to do this since I was little,” Poulos said. “I have always been around it and have seen how much of a difference it makes.”

Poulos plans to donate whenever she gets the opportunity and hopes other young people will start to donate blood as well. Poulos says the key is making sure her peers understand how it makes a difference.

“People really do need (blood),” she added. “It seriously saves people’s lives.”

Poulos also helps organize and execute other volunteer projects as well. Are you interested in serving as a Red Cross blood volunteer or hosting a blood drive? Learn more by logging on to for more information.