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Supporting Our Veterans in the VA and Military Hospitals

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We appreciate your generosity more than words can say.

The American Red Cross takes pride in not only supporting our active duty military members and families during emergencies, but also strives to care and provide opportunities for veterans. In the Dakotas Region, volunteers have made consistent visits to VA homes across both North Dakota and South Dakota, delivering Valentine’s Day cards and participating in other activities.

One of those activities included providing an outing for veterans from the Fargo VA to a North Dakota State University college basketball game. Board members, staff and volunteers accompanied five veterans to the game

“It was an honor and a joy to host 5 veterans at the last home game of the NDSU Men’s basketball team,” said Red Cross Dakotas Region Station Manager, Keith Huff. “The opportunity to connect volunteers and veterans was an impactful event for everyone involved.”

All of the veterans in attendance are long-term patients at the VA, and suffer from long-term disabilities. Hosting the event was an opportunity for the Red Cross to connect and thanks them for their years of military service.

“The veterans were very appreciative of the opportunity to get out of the hospital and engage the community in a fun and relaxing way,” Huff added. “The event was a great way to showcase the growth of the new SAF staff by combining outreach, volunteer engagement, and our core service values.”

In addition to watching the game, the veterans were able to get their picture taken with the five FCS national championship trophies won by the NDSU football team, which were on display that evening.

“Your thoughtfulness reflects your appreciation for our Veterans and for the freedom they provided to all of us in while in service to the country,” wrote Karinn Davidson, Chief of Voluntary Service for the Fargo VA in a letter to the Red Cross. “We appreciate your generosity more than words can say.”

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