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Building Resiliency

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. Relationships established in this response will continue helping the people of Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, NV, OCTOBER 13, 2017 — The Family Assistance Center for those affected by the October 1 Las Vegas shooting has welcomed thousands of people.  In addition to survivors, families of the deceased, and concertgoers, services are being offered to people who worked the event, first responders and others who helped in the aftermath of the shooting, and the community at large.

Building individual resiliency is one of the goals of the Family Assistance Center.  Each person affected by the tragedy will have an individual road to recovery.  “Old coping skills may not be enough,” said Christie Rodgers, Red Cross Deputy Assistant Director of Response.  “People need to express emotions.  They need to acknowledge that things are hard.”

For those who are unable to go to the center in person, Red Cross health and mental health professionals, spiritual caregivers, and caseworkers are making in-home visits in the Las Vegas area.  People who have returned to homes in other communities can access the same help from their local Red Cross chapters.

Accessing services offered by the multi-agency Family Assistance Center isn’t the end of the process.  A network of government agencies and non-profit organizations are planning how to meet the needs of clients in the months and years ahead.

“An event like this can bring people together,” Rodgers added.  “It pushes people to ask for help.  It connects people in a way that doesn’t normally happen.” 

What agencies are working together to build is not just individual resiliency but also community resiliency.  This will strengthen Las Vegas by ensuring a good infrastructure of services is in place to meet ongoing needs. 

“We’re building resiliency in the community,” said Charles Blake, Red Cross Coordinating Officer.  “Long after the Family Assistance Center closes, relationships that have been established in this response will continue helping the people of Las Vegas.”

Highlights of Red Cross Response to the October 1 Shooting

Immediately after the tragic shooting on October 1, the Red Cross sprang into action, working alongside government partners at the Emergency Operations Center and providing 450 blood products to 13 local hospitals to save lives.

More than 150 trained Red Cross workers have responded in Las Vegas.  Health, mental health and spiritual care providers have made over 5,300 contacts, bringing emotional and physical healing to people at the Family Assistance Center, in hospitals, at memorials and vigils, during blood drives, and in private homes.

Red Cross caseworkers are working with those affected to ensure they access the resources they need.  Nearly 600 cases have been opened.

The Red Cross is working with government and non-profit agencies to ensure that long-term - not just immediate – needs are met for survivors, families of the deceased, concertgoers, and the general public.

The joint-agency Family Assistance Center at the Las Vegas Convention Center offers one-stop service for survivors, families of the deceased, concertgoers, and members of the Las Vegas community who were affected by the tragic shooting.

Until October 20, concertgoers can retrieve personal effects they abandoned at the concert site from the Family Assistance Center.  Concertgoers who have returned to their homes in other states or countries can have their belongings mailed to them by going to the FBI website:

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