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Northern Miami Valley Ohio Chapter Red Cross helps protect Springfield

Red Cross helps protect Springfield
"volunteers are going door-to-door saving lives, now that's just an incredible way to spend the afternoon"

Seven times a day, someone dies in a home fire in the United States. On Saturday, August 22, the Northern Miami Valley Ohio Chapter of the American Red Cross is trying to change that in Springfield, Ohio. From 10:00-2:00p.m., volunteers are going door to door, visiting McCreight Avenue area homes, checking smoke alarm batteries, installing smoke alarms and testing the alarms for free. The volunteers are also teaching fire safety and helping families come up with an evacuation plan if a fire were to occur. The chapter is hoping to visit 200 homes, install 150 smoke alarms, and help over fifty families develop a practiced evacuation plan in an effort to minimize the loss caused by home fires.

"The best way to escape a home fire is to know the home is on fire," says NMVO Executive Director Lynne Gump, "and the best way to know if there is a fire is to have a working smoke alarm, might sound simple, but sometimes simple is still the best way."

This event is being done in partnership Springfield Fire Department, which is providing volunteers who will be installing the smoke alarms as well. “Canvassing homes, installing alarms, educating families are the key points of this campaign and we can’t do this without our volunteers and partners.” Interested companies, churches and organizations who would like to participate in future events, should contact their local American Red Cross office for information:

937-548-1002 Greenville Office

937-399-3872 Springfield Office

937-492-6151 Sidney Office

937-332-1414 Troy Office

People interested in volunteering can either call the office or begin their American Red Cross volunteering at

The effort is part of a larger Home Fire Preparedness Campaign created by the American Red Cross with the aim of reducing deaths and injuries from home fires by 25 percent before the time the campaign ends in 2020. The event in Sidney will be the first blitz of the Home Fire Preparedness Campaign within the Northern Miami Valley area. To date, the American Red Cross has developed more than 15,000 household fire escape plans nationally, installed 34,000 smoke alarms and replaced 6,000 smoke alarm batteries. At least seven lives have been saved as a result of this campaign.