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AmeriCorps Member Highlight: Brendan Jesus

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In the spirit of National AmeriCorps Week, meet one of our incredible AmeriCorps members Brendan Jesus. Brendan’s focus as an AmeriCorps member has been supporting the Pillowcase Project throughout the Central Pennsylvania Region.

The Pillowcase Project is a free interactive Disney-sponsored program that educates 3rd through 5th grade students on emergency preparedness. Brendan’s goal is to increase the awareness and understanding of natural hazards and to teach young children coping skills to help them deal with emergency situations. The students love this project because they get to create and decorate their own disaster kit with the help of their favorite Disney characters featured on the pillowcases.

While Brendan has always considered himself a good public speaker, these presentations have helped him strengthen his communication skills.  He tells us that the kids keep him on his toes.

“They always ask the best questions or have the most interesting stories.”

Brendan has worked with AmeriCorps and the American Red Cross for a few years now and is extremely passionate about what he does.  In addition to being an AmeriCorps member, Brendan also volunteers his time with the communications department where he has the opportunity to use his photography skills. His favorite part of this job is meeting all the wonderful people and he states that he's honored to get to help people in his local community. 

“I sleep better at night knowing that there are people out there dedicating their lives to helping out other people.”