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Are You Ready for a Hurricane?

boston hurricane

You may think you are, but a survey taken in May indicates that most New Englanders aren’t.

The survey by the American Red Cross and The Weather Channel, taken of 1,412 residents of coastal counties from Texas to Maine, found that among all coastal counties, 58 percent of the respondents were very or somewhat concerned they could be in harm’s way of a hurricane in 2013.

The 43 percent concern level for New England coast respondents was the lowest of the four regions, while the Gulf Coast led the group at 65 percent, followed by 63 percent for the Southern Atlantic coastal counties, and 56 percent for New Jersey and New York coastal counties.

Nearly six in 10 (58 percent) of New England county respondents said their family had been part of a hurricane or flood, tied with the New Jersey/New York area for the lowest level. The Gulf Coast was the highest percentage of the four regions at 81 percent, followed by the Southern Atlantic Coast at 69 percent.

Superstorm Sandy’s destruction and devastation – the largest U.S. disaster in the past five years – was a motivation for greater preparedness this hurricane season, with the greatest impact in New Jersey and New York coastal counties. The poll revealed that 49 percent of New York and New Jersey coastal residents surveyed said their Sandy experience has caused them to take more steps to prepare for hurricanes this year.

In contrast, only about one in four coastal residents in the New England (27 percent) said that Superstorm Sandy encouraged them to take more steps, compared to Gulf Coast (21 percent) and Southern Atlantic coastal residents (22 percent).

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