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Board Member Allan Robinson Ran With Team Red Cross

Red Cross Boston Allan Robinson
Running in the Boston Marathon with Team Red Cross was exhilarating and inspirational.

As part of our Team Red Cross runner series we would like to recognize Allan Robinson. Allan is a board member for the Central Massachusetts chapter and a great Red Cross supporter. He has volunteered his time to the Red Cross, donated blood to the organization, and has now ran and fundraised for Team Red Cross.  Below is an interview with Alan about his experience.

1. How was running the Boston Marathon?
Running in the Boston Marathon with Team Red Cross was exhilarating and inspirational. Weather aside, running with the Red Cross with so many dedicated employees and volunteers was a great experience. My run went as planned for the first 18 miles, but then my legs started cramping. I took advantage of a couple of Red Cross medical tents and received a massage from the medical volunteers. I made it to the finish line, learned a lot, and overall it was a great day.

2. How was your experience visiting the Red Cross Medical Tent?
My Red Cross medical tent experience was great. Seeing a Red Cross tent every mile was comforting. I thought to myself, wow, what an amazing amount of support for folks to be out there helping out. I high fived a lot of them as I ran by, although I did hope I wouldn’t have to stop at one. When I did eventually need to go to a tent for assistance, they were very helpful. The medical volunteers sat me down and worked on my legs which made things better. I can only imagine the amount of support and help the runners got from all of those Red Cross tents.

3. Why did you decide to run team Red Cross?
For starters, I am a Board Member in the Central Massachusetts chapter of the Red Cross. I decided to join the board because the company I work for, The Hanover Insurance Group, is a large supporter of the Red Cross. My company provides insurance for automobiles, homes, and businesses - some of the things that can be damaged or destroyed by fires, tornadoes, and other disasters. The kind of work we do at The Hanover is really important to me and the Red Cross was a natural partner. Working with the Red Cross is a natural extension of the work I do at The Hanover. I originally had a perception that the Red Cross was only about donating blood, but I understand now how much more the organization does.

4. Would you run again with Team Red Cross?
I absolutely would run with team Red Cross again. The Red Cross does great work and running with them was very inspiring. I thought about the Boston Marathon bombing, specifically when I came across the finish, and I know the Red Cross played a big role in the support needed after the bombing. It all flashed before me while running and it was touching knowing that I was supporting the Red Cross during the marathon. It is inspiring and exhilarating to run with and for an organization that does such amazing work. I also had the chance to meet some great people running with the Red Cross. Before the marathon, we did team runs and events which were a great way to make new connections and find ways to get involved.