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Massachusetts Disaster Volunteers Unite in Worcester

massachusetts volunteer
“This is going to make Massachusetts stronger than ever.”

How many disaster volunteers does it take to make for a truly awesome meeting? All of them.

Disaster Services volunteers from around the state gathered in Worcester last Saturday to meet each other and the newly announced state-wide staff that will be leading them.

Massachusetts Disaster Officer Leighton Jones welcomed the group, and introduced them to the new territory managers: Cindy Hahn, Mary Nathan, Suzanne Billings, Deb Duxbury, Luis Matnog and Rachel Potts. Senior Disaster Program Manager Tim Pitoniak will oversee their work.

Other disaster staffers explained their department’s functions, while CEO Jarrett Barrios thanked the volunteers for their work and dedication.

“I’m thrilled our regions will join and work together to fulfill the Red Cross mission,” Barrios explained after the meeting. “This is going to make Massachusetts stronger than ever.”