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Northeastern University is Ready When The Times Comes

Ready When the Time Comes ma
“There are a lot of skills you already have as nursing students.”

It’s the middle of the night, and you’re cuddled up in bed when you wake up to the smell smoke in your bedroom.

You open the door, taking a quick peek only to find flames licking the hallway. The next steps you take are critical.

“What are you wearing? What are you bringing with you? How are you feeling?” Rose Gould prodded Thursday morning.

About 75 Northeastern University nursing students pondered those questions and more during their first ever American Red Cross Disaster Services Overview training.

After helping care for residents at a Red Cross shelter in Plymouth during the February blizzard, Northeastern recently signed on as a Ready When the Time Comes partner. Students and staffers will now undergo further training to help their community in times of disaster.

Gould, a Red Cross volunteer who recently deployed to aid residents affected by flooding in Colorado, co-led the class with staffing specialist Alex Ellis and disaster volunteer Deb Medders.

The trio reviewed procedures, partnerships, communications and other operational needs during a disaster.

“There are a lot of skills you already have as nursing students,” Gould reinforced. “You have people skills, and above all else, that is really key.”

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