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Volunteers Increase Fire Preparendess in Hagerstown, MD

Fire Safety
Volunteers knocked on 350 doors and installed 14 smoke alarms.

The American Red Cross of the Greater Chesapeake Region conducted outreach in Hagerstown, MD on Saturday, January to raise awareness for the national Home Fire Preparedness Campaign which is designed to reduce deaths and injuries from home fires by as much as 25 percent over the next five years.

A total of 30 volunteers consisting of representatives from the Red Cross, members of the City of Hagerstown Fire Department, FEMA Corps, and Boy Scouts, went door to door to speak with residents to distribute fire safety materials, help create a fire evacuation plan, and install smoke alarms in homes that were not properly equipped. In total, the group knocked on 350 doors and installed 14 smoke alarms in houses that needed them.

“We are extremely excited to have partnered with the so many community organizations here in Hagerstown on this campaign,” said Nicholas Geier, Executive Director of the American Red Cross of Western Maryland. “This proactive approach will help us reduce the number of home fire deaths and injuries over the next five years, making the community a safer place to live.” 

Residents not in the exact neighborhood that were canvassed, but living in Hagerstown, who are in need of a smoke alarm can contact the City of Hagerstown Fire Department directly at  301-791-2544 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to request a smoke alarm installation at their residence.