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'Why I help', Vickie Gregory's Story

Vickie Gregory's Story
Some had driven all the way from Nebraska just to help folks that they did not know; it really made me feel energized to do my job well.

Although Vickie Gregory is considered a Frederick County Chapter American Red Cross volunteer, she has taken on roles in several other chapters, such as the Central Maryland Chapter, the Washington Chapter, and the Western Potomac chapter. Gregory eagerly takes on any assignment that is given to her. At one time or another, Gregory has helped set up disaster shelters, assisted with database clean-up and analysis, and dispatched fire/emergency assistance requests for all of Frederick, Allegany, and Garrett counties, while performing a superlative job when she had to cover a disaster program manager's job as far as disaster work was concerned.

Jessica Carrington, Western Territory Disaster Program Manager, for the American Red Cross of the Chesapeake Region, remarked that Gregory “held down the fort between me coming in and my predecessor retiring, and we are so thankful for it! She (Gregory) did such an amazing job keeping everything running smoothly!” Carrington exclaimed that Gregory’s dedication is “beyond compare.”

Gregory has been a Red Cross volunteer for over a decade. Yet, she is still thrilled when she has the chance to work with other volunteers. Since she has great skills coordinating the work assignment for other volunteers, one of her favorite memories happened when she volunteer-worked at a Red Cross chapter that was designated as the Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) Deployment Center during the Hurricane Irene onslaught.

Volunteers came from all walks of life, and came from faraway places in order to provide assistance during a storm victim's time of greatest need. She recalls that at that time “I was working staffing and getting them all checked in and processed.” Gregory commented that “some had driven all the way from Nebraska just to help folks that they did not know; it really made me feel energized to do my job well.”

She noted that when [the Red Cross volunteers] provide assistance to victims whose whole world has just crashed in on them, their actions of gratitude and appreciation inspire her to do the best job possible for them. Gregory proudly declared, “I like helping individuals in my community, whether it is assisting volunteers so they can assist our clients, or assisting the actual clients.”