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Helping Families Fulfill Promises

Red Cross Kalamazoo Helping Families
I am so thankful for the help we got from the Red Cross. It meant everything...

Craig Philp and his wife Tina lost everything in the early morning hours of Monday, February 16, 2015, when fire consumed their apartment at the Coldwater Inn.

As it became clear that they would not return to the home they knew, Craig’s first and most important concern was for Tina. “I made a promise to Tina the day we got married,” Craig told his Red Cross Caseworker, Shirley De Young, “I need to provide for her. I need to make sure she has a safe and comfortable place to live. I love Tina and I need to take care of her emotional needs too.”

Shirley says Craig was strong and very receptive to everything the Red Cross suggested that would help him find new housing quickly. Shirley was so impressed with Craig’s love and concern for his wife, and his powerful, I-will-survive attitude! Craig has a full-time job, and now he is adding a full-time proactive focus on finding long-term housing and making contact with the local community resources that can help him and Tina replace the things they lost and pickup the pieces.

Craig says, “I am so thankful for the help we got from the Red Cross. It meant everything, we got food and clothing, and the best thing we got was the help and advice from the Red Cross on what to do – it was so much to think about.”