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Red Cross Chapter Re-Opens Office in Columbia

HOM - 8/25/2014 - Red Cross Chapter Re-Opens Office in Columbia

Major Gifts Officer Nancy Sell, Disaster Specialist Kath Mayne and Volunteer Resourse Specialist Brittany Buehrlen stand in front of the Columbia Donor Center. The three recently occupied office space in the center.

We are very pleased to again have staff members in Columbia office space.

American Red Cross Heart of Missouri Chapter staff members based in Columbia who temporarily relocated to the Jefferson City headquarters have new office space in the Columbia Blood Services Center on Providence Road.

“We are very pleased to again have staff members in Columbia office space,” Executive Director Dave Griffith said of the chapter move to the Blood Service Center, which is located at 1511 S. Providence Rd. “Having the Columbia staff work out of the main office in Jefferson City presented some challenges, but they, along with the rest of the staff, handled it well. There was never any interruption in services and other chapter business in Columbia and counties in the northern part of the chapter continued as normal.”

The Red Cross sold their previous office, a renovated home on West Worley Street, to the Columbia Housing Authority in 2013. Columbia staff members made their temporary move to the Jefferson City office earlier this year.

“It was a structure that needed multiple repairs and really wasn’t designed to be an office,” Griffith said. “When the opportunity to sell presented itself, we determined that would be the best course of action. After leaving the Worley Street location, moving our Columbia staff into the Blood Service Center was just a natural fit.”

Development Manager Nancy Sell, Volunteer Resource Specialist Brittany Buehrlen and Disaster Specialist Kath Mayne moved into the Blood Center Monday. Griffith, Evie White, the chapter’s Health and Safety logistics specialist, and other staff members will use the office space as needed.

“We are one Red Cross, so being under the same roof will help us better serve our community,” said Julie Pipes, Missouri district manager for blood services. “This is a great opportunity to operate more efficiently.”

Regular office hours for the chapter are 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Chapter staff can be reached by calling 573-449-2656 and entering the extension. Sell’s extension is 4433. Buehrlen’s extension is 4443. Mayne’s extension is 4442.

Volunteers are available to respond to local disasters 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 866-815-2738, which is a toll-free number.

“These are exciting times for us and it’s good that Red Cross services will be coming out of the same building,” Griffith said.