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Red Cross Helps Scottish Pines

Red Cross Helps Scottish Pines
We were pleased to have the opportunity to help our neighbors and practice our skills at the same time.

On August 3rd, the American Red Cross, along with other outlets including the Scotland County EMS and the Laurinburg Fire Department, helped the Scottish Pines nursing home move its location to a newer and expanded location found on Johns Road. The Red Cross was grateful for the immense amount of help they were able to dedicate to the move. This assistance would not have been possible without the aid of their volunteers from Murphy- Brown.

With all of the help provided throughout the transfer of locations, the 72 residents were reported to have felt at ease with the move and identified it to have occurred in an efficient manner, as well. The resulting calmness of residents as they became situated in their new home reiterated the successfulness of the move, as well as the positive difference Red Cross volunteers were able to make in such a short manner of time.

Correlating with the Emergency Management of Scotland County, the move was more or less viewed as a means for practicing an evacuation. In the case that there were a true emergency and facility members had to be vacated, the Red Cross would open up a shelter and have members needing assistance registered to stay there. With the help of volunteers, the shelter would be managed and utilized until need be depending on the circumstances of the situation at hand.

Scottish Pines gets new home.