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Food Pantry Supplies Running Low

Red Cross Flag
More people are likely to need help in 2014

This time of year, most food pantries have plenty of food. People want to give at Christmas time so no one will have to go without for Christmas. That surplus tends to take them into the New Year, when donations drop off. This year was no exception. Rockingham County residents gave and there was plenty to go around… until another food bank in the county temporarily closed. That sent people to find food elsewhere and put extra strain on the Red Cross pantry.

With the first Monday of the month being the busiest day of the month, supplies are running low for the regular clients. That doesn’t count the new faces expected to visit. With extended unemployment running out and food stamp problems, more and more people are likely to need help in 2014.

If you would be able to donate, it would be greatly appreciated. Any type of canned or dry foods are welcome. Frozen foods are also accepted. Just think about the things your family eats every week. These families are just like yours.

If you can help, please drop food off at the Rockingham County Chapter- 3692 NC Hwy 14 in Reidsville 9AM-4PM Monday through Friday. If you would rather mail a check, make it out to “American Red Cross” and put “Rockingham County food pantry” in the memo line.

We appreciate your help… and so do your neighbors.