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Red Cross Board Member Recalls Napa Earthquake Experience

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"I was so proud to be associated with the Red Cross. They were there right away to help people."

Disaster can happen anytime, anywhere, at anytime. That includes while you are on vacation. On August 24th, Beth Renner found that out. While she was vacationing in northern California, an earthquake violently shook her out of bed in the middle of the night. The 6.1 magnitude quake was one of the largest in recent history.

"It was the most terrifying 25 seconds of my life," Renner said. "I have never felt a rumble like that in my life and to go through something like that was incredible."

Renner is a board member with the Red River Valley chapter in the Dakotas Region and is also a member of the 'Red Cross Tiffany Circle', a group of women leaders and philanthropists with the organization nationally.

Right after the earthquake hit, Renner downloaded the Red Cross Earthquake App, which provided her information on what to do to do next.

"There were several aftershocks and my first thought was to download the app to see what I should do next to stay safe," Renner added. "Stuff in the hotel room was everywhere."

Within minutes, the Red Cross was called to come assist individuals and provide shelter, food and emotional support to those affected. Renner never thought she would see the work of the Red Cross firsthand, but was glad she did.

"I never expected to see all this while on vacation but it shows you truly have to be prepared for anything," Renner said. "I was so proud to see all the work the Red Cross was doing there."

Red Cross volunteers continue the support for people in the area.