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South Jersey Region Marches in Miss America Parade

Great experience for all who attended this community parade
"The parade was an exciting event and fun to participate in." said Maureen Buehl, of Volunteer Specialist, "I can't wait to be here again next year."

American Red Cross South Jersey Region joined the pagent fun this year by marching in the Shoe Us Your Shoes Parade on the eve of the official Miss America Pagent. Over 30 staff and volunteers along with two Red Cross response vehicles joined in the parade festivities that included marching in front of Atlantic City Convention Hall if front the viewing stands. This parade was broadcast live 0n WPHL TV and will be shown on ABC before the live pagent on 9/15/13. Red Cross parade participants demonstrated they are a big part of the local community and were proud to represent the mission, services and programs that Red cross provides across the country. Many participants commented that residents along the parade route were very vocal in their appreciation of Red Cross. "Thanks Red Cross, for always being there when we need you." was a common greeting along the parade route. The staff and volunteers said the community's apprecia tion was heartfelt and they are looking forward to next year's parade.