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Giving Back to His Community

giving back
"Giving back to my community really matters to me." stated Ashok Babaria

American Red Cross volunteer Ashok Babaria is a retired physician who volunteers two days a week at the Joint Base MDL Red Cross office on the base.  Ashok retired two years ago after a 30 year career as a medical doctor.  He says he wanted to give back to his community and remembers giving blood as a medical student in India.  He feels there is no better organization to volunteer for than the American Red Cross.  Ashok helps assemble comfort hygiene kits that are provided to military personnel upon deployment at Joint Base MDL.  He also spends time volunteering at the base pharmacy as a clerk who matches a customer's name to their pick up prescription package.  "Sometimes I may be the only kind face someone sees when they stop in to pick up their medication so I try to be kind and friendly." Stated Ashok.  "Giving back to my community really matters to me."