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American Red Cross Offers Ways to Prepare For This Weekend’s Monsoon Weather

Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicle providing relief after Superstorm Sandy.
What’s important is to look over the preparedness information so that you and your family are ready.

The National Weather Service is forecasting the possibility of more wet weather for the Southern Nevada area over the course of the next few days. The American Red Cross has resources for area residents to use to prepare and respond should they find themselves affected by storms and flooding.


Checklists that you can read on your computer, mobile or tablet are available. They can also be printed and shared at your office or faith center.


Scott Emerson, Regional Executive for the American Red Cross says, “There are a number of resources that the Red Cross can share in times of weather emergencies. What’s important is to look over the preparedness information so that you and your family are ready during monsoon season.”


There are a number of resources available online to best arm residents with valuable information:



Every thunderstorm produces lightning, which kills more people each year than tornadoes or hurricanes. Heavy rain from thunderstorms can cause flash flooding and high winds can damage homes and blow down trees and utility poles, causing widespread power outages.




Sudden power outages can be frustrating and troublesome, especially when they last a long time.




Floods are among the most frequent and costly natural disasters. Conditions that cause floods include heavy or steady rain for several hours or days that saturate the ground. Flash floods occur suddenly due to rapidly rising water along a stream or low-lying area.

            Flood Safety Checklist: English Spanish

            Returning Home After A Flood: English Spanish

            Repairing Your Flooded Home: English Spanish



DOWNLOAD FREE SMARTPHONE APPS: The Red Cross has a free Red Cross Flood App to put expert weather and preparedness advice at your fingertips. The app is available for smart phones and tablets and can be downloaded from the Apple or Google Play for Android app stores.