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Disaster Services Training Camp in Fayette Coming July 24-26

Support The American Red Cross
Being able to be there for someone in need helps my heart

The American Red Cross is hosting a “Disaster Services Training Camp” in Seneca County July 24-26. The three days of classes at the Fayette Fire Hall, 4200 State Route 414 in Fayette, will prepare prospective volunteers to become members of the Disaster Action Team (DAT). DAT members respond to the scene of home fires and other local disasters, providing their neighbors in need with shelter, food, clothing and support. The training will also help individuals become eligible to deploy to help in Red Cross relief operations across the country.

“I realized that even though we’re serving other people, I got much more out of it than they did,” said Seneca County volunteer Theresa Parker, who has been with the Red Cross for almost 12 years. “I went to Pennsylvania to help after flooding. A woman told me her son had been in the house when the water started rising, and he had to escape out the window. He was pulled from the water six blocks away, and the family had spent three days huddled together in their car. She said they cried when it rained because they were scared after the flooding. When we found them and gave them food and a hotel stay, she just cried and hugged me. She said she had felt so alone, and she couldn’t believe someone was there to help.”

“Being able to be there for someone in need helps my heart,” Parker added. “I hope people will come to this training camp to get a sense of everything the Red Cross does and how it helps our neighbors.”

“The Red Cross is only able to help our neighbors in need thanks to incredible volunteers like Theresa,” said Rosie Taravella, Western and Central New York Regional CEO. “We look forward to welcoming a new group of dedicated volunteers who can help turn heartbreak into hope.”

The Disaster Services Training Camp begins Friday, July 24 at 4pm, with classes starting at 5pm at the Fayette Fire Hall. Classes will continue between 9am-5pm Saturday, July 25 and 9am-3pm Sunday, July 26. For more information and to register for Disaster Services Training Camp, call (607) 785-7207 or email