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American Red Cross gets help from local Hams

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“We are thrilled to be able to help the Red Cross with their Emergency Communications."

The Portsmouth Radio Club, a local Amateur radio organization, arranged for the American Red Cross to get their Amateur Emergency Communications established at their headquarters on Robinson Avenue.

Members of the Amateur Radio Community donated funds to buy a new power supply as well as an antenna for use in Scioto County at the Red Cross facility.

Gary Caldwell, President of the Portsmouth Radio Club said, “We are thrilled to be able to help the Red Cross with their Emergency Communications.  Not only will it help them, it will serve the community as well.  We look forward to a long lasting relationship working with the Red Cross.”

Eli Allen, Disaster Program Manager for the Red Cross, believes this will strengthen the organization’s ability to communicate during an emergency or disaster situation. “The American Red Cross has had a long history with Amateur Radio in our community during disasters. Like the Portsmouth Radio Club, the American Red Cross is not a government organization, but our goal is to alleviate human suffering in event of a disaster and partnering with Amateur Radio allows us to be timely, efficient, and good stewards of the donor dollar. Thanks to the Portsmouth Radio Club, we now have expanded our capabilities to communicate more efficiently with this great service-oriented volunteer organization that is Amateur Radio, in the event of a disaster.”