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Boy Scout Eagle Project Helps Red Cross in Oklahoma

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I am helping bridge that gap. I am helping others like me.

Earning the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts is one of the biggest achievements in a teenager’s life. It is the award presented to a scout who completes merit badges and a community service project. For many, their project involves building something like a playground or park shelter. For 14 year old Joshua Conant of Troop 945 in Tulsa, his building was in the form of kits for the American Red Cross.

“I wanted to know what a diabetic would need following a disaster,” Joshua said. “I am diabetic so this is important to me.”

He called the American Diabetes Association to figure out what would be a good idea to add to these kits.

“Clearly, we couldn’t put insulin since it has to be cool and couldn’t add syringes,” he said.

So, they went with the basics. Test strips, glucose pills, water bottle and a toy. After asking for donations from companies, Joshua was able to create 340 kits that can be provided to diabetic disaster victims. He made 300 for adults and 40 for children. The kits for children come with a small toy that can be used to cover a pump if they have one.

“I am helping bridge that gap,” Joshua said. “I am helping others like me.”

Joshua split the kits between Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Red Cross volunteers and staff graciously accepted the donation which will help following house fires, tornadoes or other disasters where everything is destroyed.