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Centenarian Still Going Strong After Tornadoes and Flood

Ethyl Norris listens to Red Cross Caseworker
“You know I still mow my own lawn”

“I really do not need anything,” said Ethyl Norris when American Red Cross caseworker Amy Anderson arrived to asses Ethyl’s needs following recent flooding. Despite her protests, Anderson patiently worked with Norris to determine her losses.

Norris will be 100 years old in August and has lived in her mobile home for the past 47 years. When the recent violent tornadoes tore through her area there was widespread flooding as well as destructive winds. Although Norris’ home was not seriously damaged by the tornadoes, she watched helplessly as the water began to rise and come closer and closer to her front door. Boats began to move up and down her street; finally a Sheriff’s Department boat arrived to evacuate her to higher ground.

After her evacuation Norris went to her daughter’s home where she stayed until she could once again return home. “I’m really happy to be back,” said Norris. “You know I still mow my own lawn.”

Norris was delighted at the end of the session with Anderson to learn that she would receive help from the Red Cross to assist with the clean-up expense of her home.