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Red Cross Delivers Preparedness Class to Union City Schools

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I feel you guys are helping him to not be scared anymore

The sound of a dozen kindergartener voices ring through the gymnasium at the Union City schools. “Why is a flashlight in our preparedness kit?” asks the American Red Cross leader to the group of six year olds. Adults likely know the answer, but this class, taught by the American Red Cross, is designed specifically for younger ones.

The goal of the tornado preparedness class is to help children understand what tornadoes are and how they act as well as empower every student to be prepared in the event of one.

Children participate in tornado charades, tornado “Simon Says” and other interactive, physical activities to raise not only their awareness but their comfort levels. Something Angel Beattie says her 6-year old son needs after last year’s storms.

“We live in a mobile home and are blessed with a storm shelter but it’s still very scary,” Beattie stated. “So for him to be prepared I feel you guys are helping him to not be scared anymore to know that we have our bags and we just take them and we go to the shelter and we’ll be okay.”

At each training children walk away with a bag. It’s a Red Cross cinch sack filled with items that can be used in an emergency. Opening that bag appeared to be 6-year old Cody’s favorite part of the class. “Looking in the bag because there was a glow stick, a whistle and a blanket… and you use it whenever there is a tornado,” Cody told us.

For 6 year old Marissa, when asked about her favorite part of the class she replied, “We got to spin around like a tornado.”
130 students K-6th grade at Union City schools participated in the training.

Union City suffered direct tornado damage from the May 31st, 2013 storm and this educational opportunity is one of the many projects the Red Cross is undertaking to help Oklahoma schools and school children recover from the May 2013 tornadoes and storms and prepare for future disasters.

The Red Cross will be back in Union City on Saturday, May 10th, 2014 for a community dinner. Households that were impacted by the May 2013 storms are eligible to attend this dinner and receive a HOME kit. The dinner will be at the Union City Fire Station on Highway 81 from 4-7pm.