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Red Cross Helping with Roads to Recovery in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Road to Recovery
Thank you American Red Cross. We are truly, truly grateful.

Jamie Baker of Moore, Oklahoma calls the tiny closet where she took shelter her angel spot. The rest of her house disintegrated around her on May 20th, 2013. “I went to get in the office closet and there was something in front of it and for some reason I just went to my daughter’s closet and piled blankets and pillows on top of me and I just heard hundreds of jet engines coming at me and the sound of my house ripping apart around me just the sound of nails ripping out of wood all around me.”

Days after the storm she found herself at the Multi-Agency Resource Center where the American Red Cross helped with resources and expenses. Now, thanks to the assistance of case management, of which Red Cross is a partner in, Ms. Baker will have a new home.

“When I got the call from my caseworker and she told me they were going to help me rebuild, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, I was in shock.”

The foundation is poured and the walls are up on her family homestead just one-block from Plaza Towers Elementary. Inside, her family has left inspirational messages on the beams and walls… a reminder of where she’s been and what she has to look forward to.

“Thank you American Red Cross. We are truly, truly grateful.”

Jamie’s story is one among thousands throughout the storm affected communities hit by the 2013 storms. Working with our partners, the Red Cross has helped almost 2,700 individuals and families – an estimated 8,000 people total – since recovery centers were opened in September 2013.