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Red Cross Hope and Help in El Reno, OK – Then and Now

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I just can’t say enough about the Red Cross.They have been a blessing to me.

A tornado was a sight 55 year-old Ron Percy had witnessed before, but on May 31st, 2013, it hit home. He had been outside snapping pictures of the twister when it turned and headed right for the El Reno home he shared with his wife of 39 years. Mr. Percy recounts the story like it was yesterday, “I told her, we were face to face, holding hands and praying and I told her if the roof starts coming off I’m going to throw myself on top of you and we’re going to ride this out.”

Their house stood but not without suffering significant damage and Ron tells us when they needed help—help came.

“I mean the Red Cross was here Johnny on the spot, on June 1st asking what do you need,” recounts Mr. Percy. “They came down the road twice a day these two little elderly ladies running this little van. They brought us two meals a day for a week because we didn’t have any electricity. They were just there, I mean every day, same time every day, coming in that little rescue van and feeding us.”

The Percy’s home had no electricity, a two by four wooden beam had pierced the home's air conditioning unit, water was starting to stand 2-inches in their house from the flooding, and the couple was uninsured.

As if all that were not enough, the damage to the home was endangering Ron’s wife, Cindy who was suffering from heart disease. A Red Cross case manager, Sharon Eads, jumped in and started work. “As far as Sharon goes, I don’t even know where to begin to praise her,” Percy said. “Bless her heart she got together with someone and they put in a brand new air conditioning system and they had to do it immediately and Sharon go them to do it in just one day because my wife’s in real poor health.”

The Red Cross and case management aided Mrs. Percy with medical bill assistance, mold eradication in their home and new carpet all in an effort to get the Percy’s back on their feet.

“I just can’t say enough about the Red Cross,” Mr. Percy told us.  “They have been a blessing to me … they really, really honestly care.”